Thursday, 9 February 2012

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Most of the festivals celebrated in India, is somewhere or the other, intricately connected to stories of the Indian mythology. Holi, for one, is linked to the legend of Lord Krishna and his immortal love for Radha. As the legend goes, young Krishna was jealous of Radha's fair complexion. After hearing his woe, Yashoda, his mother, teasingly asked him to colour Radha's face in which ever colour he wanted. In his usual mischievous mood, Krishna applied colour on Radha's face and since then, the tradition of applying colour on one's beloved is being religiously followed till date. As a child, I never really paid attention to the reason behind the celebration of Holi. But, as I started learning more about the significance of the legend of Radha and Krishna, added Vrindavan, the birth place of Lord Krishna, to my list of, ‘Must visit places in India’.
Though Holi is celebrated all over India, the culmination is in the area of Vrindavan-Mathura.. Nowhere is it celebrated like it is in Vrindavan. And even today, the atmosphere there is of love and romance in the Krishna nagari. The celebrations last for ten days, celebrating the arrival of spring, The center of all the attraction is the famous Banke-Bihari Temple at Vrindavan. People here can be found totally immersed in the spirit of devotion, drenched to the skin, with the colours of Holi, expressing their love and devotion for Krishna. People relive the myths of Krishna and Radha with playful and feverish devotion. Other major Krishna temples around Vrindavan, celebrate Holi on different days. Pilgrims throng to all these temples every day, to get drenched in coloured water and wind themselves up in a high state of ecstatic devotion. All in the name of the Lord they love so much.
The Vrindavan town turns into an insane inferno of colour. In the crowded streets people throw water from the rooftops. Citizens of Vrindavan and many visitors bombard passersby in all directions. It actually rain colours and the streets reverberate with the chants of Holi hai….. Just drop all your inhibitions. Just join in the fun, the play and the dance and down glasses full of thandai.  In the evenings, plays depicting the life of Krishna are staged. After surviving the ten days of crazed crowd and colour, it was a feeling of both exhaustion and elation. What a contrast. People came out in their finest clothes, smiling. Nobody threw colours any more.
An experience of a lifetime. Not to be missed, if you ever get a chance.
And for those, who are a little more adventurous, take a trip to the town of Barsana, 40km from Vrindavan. Watch the unique way Holi is played in Barsana, where women chase men away with sticks, popularly known as the Lath-maar Holi. Why? you may ask. During the celebrations, the men sing provocative songs seeking the attention of the women, instigating the women to go on the offensive.
This year Holi will be celebrated on the 8thof March. So this time, instead of spending your Holi in your own or your friend’s farm house, plan a trip to Vrindavan, Mathura , to feel the true essence of this very popular colourful celebration. And don’t forget to pack along some holi specialties like gujiya, mathri, puran poli to down them with Thandai….
Happy Holi!


  1. Holi is the religious Festival. Enjoy the Festive season here.

  2. Nice post of Holi..Vrindavan town is nice place to play holi..

  3. Holi is one of the most cheerful festivals celebrated in India.