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Lepchajagat, is an offbeat destination in the district of Darjeeling in West Bengal. It lies on the road connecting Darjeeling (19 km) with Mirik. Located on a hill slope covered with rhododendron and oaks forests, Lepchajagat offers a rich diversity of nature. It is a place for those who enjoys serenity and calmness far from madding crowds, hotels, markets of popular hill stations. The town of Darjeeling is visible from this place and an illuminated Darjeeling in the night makes an eye-catching view. 

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The sight of the sunrise over Kanchenjunga is awe-inspiring. I often wonder why people visits Darjeeling and not Lepchajagat ..... But then, this is the reason you would enjoy this place so very much. The curious play of colors in the sky strikes you straight away. Partly black and white clouds drift from one hill to another. The other places close by that are not to be missed include Jorepokri, Mirik and Pashupati.

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Lepchajagat, although a mere 16 km away from Darjeeling, this hamlet somewhat miraculously has been able to maintain its pristine atmosphere. The weather here is unpredictable - sunny spells interfered most of the times by the foggy surroundings.  The enchanting thick foggy weather gives one  a mystic feel.  If ‘doing nothing’ is your holiday motto then Lepchaghat  is the ideal destination for you. The skyscraping trees, clean mountain air and unpretentious natural beauty of Lepchaghat mesmerize the onlooker. The meaningless wandering in the village nestled in fog and mist also leaves a mark on one’s memory forever.

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The view of Kanchenjunga turning red during sunrise is unforgettable. Watch the sun slowly come out and as soon as the crimson rays fell on the Kanchendzonga range, the magic begins.  For the next 30 minutes or so will be your turn to get mesmerized by the amazing beauty of the mighty Himalayas. Slowly the snow peaks turn from pink to orange to gold and then the whole range come out in its dazzling white attire. The Kanchendzonga, Kabru, Kumbhakarna all are tantalizingly close, looking ethereal against a clear blue sky. No matter how many times you have watched this spectacle, this always comes up with an unprecedented beauty. 

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Lepchajagat could also be in a different mood the very next day. You may find it draped in thick fog and the visibility was almost zero and may realize that Lepchajagat with its misty mood is even more attractive than in a sunny day. So the next time you are in Darjeeling make sure to visit this sleepy serene hamlet.


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