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Brief Info About Gulmarg :- 

Gulmarg Tourism offers some of the best skiing resorts and facilities for winter  and Summer sports in Gulmarg. Also visit the famous Gulmarg golf course posing as the highest golf course in the world offering some of the best sports facilities and gears. Gulmarg tourism also highlights unparalleled beauty of Gulmargs virgin snow capped mountains, panoramic meadow of flowers and all information required by the tourist for travelling.

 Getting There:-
Gulmarg is in Baramula Distt and is 57Kms from Srinagar District .The nearest Airport in Badgam Distt.This Airport is connected with major cities of country. The nearest Rail Head is at Jammu . The journey from Srinagar to Gulmarg takes approx. 2 hours in bus and may take short time by chartered conveyance. The road to gulmarg is very beautiful and is lined with poplar trees all through.

Adventure Sports:-

Skiing in Gulmarg--For the adventure seekers Gulmarg is the ultimate destination for skiing. You may easily hire the skis and sticks, snow boots, woolen socks, mufflers, windproof jackets, goggles, and caps. With all the equipments and the Ski instructors at hand it is the best bet to enjoy the holidays at Gulmarg. The skiing season at Gulmarg is from November to February. The slopes in Gulmarg varying between 8,700 and 10,500 feet make the ski runs the highest in India. It is noteworthy that Gulmarg is the only heli-skiing resort in Asia. Even the amateurs can enjoy with the ski lifts and the chair lifts.

Golf Course:-

Lots of recreational activities are on the offer : Gulmarg offers a beautiful Golf Course where equipment is also available on hire. A Cable Car(Gandola) is also installed which is great hit with tourists and it takes tourists up to Kongdori. Trek to Alpather Lake can be undertaken which is lake 13 Kms away from Gulamrg. This lake remains frozen even in June. There is another spot called Khilanmarg which offers unparalled view of the Himalayan peaks . The famous shrine of Baba Reshi is also located near Gul Marg noted muslim saint who is revered by all faiths. Gulmarg-Khilanmarg-Apharwat-Alpather is one of the important trekking routes.

Happy Journey all my Readers and safe Journey . 


  1. It's great to have a holiday in Gulmarg, our life would be adventure after coming from here. Wonderful pics.

  2. Yes it's a awesome place and thanks for your wonderful comment .

  3. Thanks for giving me an insight to Gulmarg. Its a beautiful destination and hope to visit it soon!

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  6. Gulmarg is very important and visit-able place. there atmosphere is too cold. but you should have also provide us about whole India Tour Package. the blog entry is very nice.

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  8. Gulmarg meaning "path of Roses", It is one of the favourite locale for the film makers.

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  9. Yes Gulmarg is a very famous place for honeymoon couples and also this place is very good for traveling in summer because this is very cold place in india.


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