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The Sand Dunes of Rajasthan


The month of Feb every year brings a dreaming event in the golden city of sand dunes, Jaisalmer, India.


As the Desert festival begins with a magnificent events which lasts for 3 days. Desert festival of Jaisalmer, is a big charm among the people all over the Rajasthan state, tourist from all over the India and

world around gathered here to participate and enjoy the real native life-style and taste.


Charms of Fiesta - Desert Festival falls on the day of Purnima which represents the rich and colorful Rajasthani folk culture. The captivating folk music and dances performs by local artists, called Gair

and Fire dancers create a truly entertaining event. Besides folk dances & music there many other means of entertainment are hugely famous as number of competitions is held in the festival like the

turban tying competition and longest moustaches competition, etc. World renowned puppet shows are also organized in the Desert- festival.


Mr. Desert Competition - In the longest moustaches competition the winner is honored with the title ‘Mr. Desert’. This title competition is a matter of sheer craze among the people of Rajasthan who

come to join it from far off places of State.

mr desert


Camel Sports - When it comes to sports and other activities then the desert-ship ‘Camel’ is also a big participator which performs in Camel-Polo and Camel-dance. During the Desert Festival Jaisalmer

city brims with unmatched enthusiasm.


Camel Race



Food Fiesta - The different types of famous Rajasthani foods like, Daal-Baati, Gatte ki sabji and Papads and snacks are widely served in festival.



Shopper’s delight - Many people who are fond of buying handy-crafts can find Jaisalmer festival a better option to collect colorful tiny households and decoration items and beautiful puppets for their


puppetshop jaisalmer


The Jaisalmer festival adds wonderful charms in the peaceful environment of Rajasthan. This festival being sponsored by the state tourism corporation has been designed to promote tourism in the

astonishing Desert of Thar.

Once the festival ends, it leaves behind a nostalgic feeling among the locals as well as the visitors. Some great lovers of music have been to the festival many times because it is pretty hard to keep

oneself away from it once you visit this festival. This is the true impression of festival of Jaisalmer over its visitors.


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