Monday, 7 November 2011

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As in most places in the world, the celebration of Christmas in India has always been, and continues to be, a time to spend golden moments with friends and relatives. Christians are a minority here and form nearly 2.3% of the population. But the fact that there are only about 25 million Christians in India, in no way lessens the observance of the festival. The tradition of Christmas observance was introduced here with the colonization of Europeans. Today, Christmas is the biggest and most-loved festival of Indian Christians. The festival is also enthusiastically celebrated by people of other religions residing here.
The best place in India with awesome Christmas celebrations is in Goa. Goa is actually the most popular and the finest palace to celebrate Christmas. Christmas in Goa is one of the most important festivals and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Being a pre dominantly Christian state, the fun of celebrating Christmas in Goa is special. Decoration, parties, food, drinking and merrymaking paints the entire scene of Goa in the week before and after Christmas. The celebrations and adornments in the city continue till New Year.
The streets, beaches, churches, restaurants and nightclubs are adorned and beautifully decorated. Dancing and parties form an inevitable part of Christmas in Goa. The celebrations begin with the singing of Christmas carols, which is followed by offering prayers in the church and exchanging gifts. Like all other parts of the world, people decorate their houses with Christmas trees with buntings such as, candies, sparkling stars, cakes, socks, gifts and cotton flakes.
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Christmas in Goa is not restricted only to the Christians. People belonging to various communities participate in the festival with immense enthusiasm. The beaches in Goa form the center of the festivities during this time with loud music, dance and revelry, clubbed with sumptuous dishes. In fact, every part of the city seems to come alive with the festivities.
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  1. Christmas is the most popular festival of the Christians and is celebrated worldwide with great enthusiasm. Most of the people like to visit Goa during the Goa carnival. Luxury hotels Goa offer a variety of packages to the visitors for such occasions to enjoy the beauty of Goa with great luxury and decent hospitality.

  2. Nice Post. India is the Lord of festival. I like it. Thanks for sharing this post.